Live Event Video Productions is a Web-Ready Production™ Company focused on capturing and producing corporate live events. We provide Audio/Visual, live media production and web media distribution services that are faster, easier, and without the complications that are the norm in this industry. Meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations while performing under pressure in a live environment is what we do best. When it’s live, you only get one chance.

Hire Different isn’t some cliche or catch phrase, it’s why we exist. It means we get to know you, your company and your objectives. We see ourselves as part of your team delivering professional solutions, without the tech-speak. We understand the rigors of working in live environments, where calm, quick thinking is always required. We will meet your needs and exceed your expectations while producing a high quality, hassle free event.

In response to the cultural demand for instant access to information, we’ve combined cutting edge technologies to provide our clients with our revolutionary new service, LiveEdit!™.

Our LiveEdit!™ service allows us to simultaneously film, edit and record (even stream!) your event, web-ready, eliminating the additional expense and delay of post production.

So whether you need DVD’s, web-ready video, live streaming or all of the above, as a Web-Ready Production™ Company we are experts at capturing, editing, broadcasting and encoding your footage to play beautifully on any device. And it all happens in real time. Film, edit, broadcast and record, simultaneously.

“When the cameras are turned off, your videos are ready.”

In the current economy, many organizations are unsatisfied with the high prices and poor service they’re receiving from their A/V vendors. Live Event Video Productions is a refreshing new option in the video production market. Hassle free event production, beautiful web-ready files, editing completed in real time and HD live streaming.

And our packages make it easy to select the right services without the hassles of having to “start from the beginning.” If your needs are a little more specific than our standard packages cover, our A La Carte options make it simple to add the additional services you need so you get the perfect fit for your budget and event.


If you want your event filmed, edited & web-ready in real-time
If you’re tired of the long process of production & post production
If you want your live stream to play beautifully
If you don’t want to pay extra for post production

You want Live Event Video Productions
A Web-Ready Production™ Company