James Malinchak International
Millionaire Speaker Secrets Seminar

Las Vegas, NV – Summer 2010

In the summer of 2010 James Malinchak International hired Live Event Video Productions to film their 4 day event in Las Vegas.

We provided on-site lighting design, lighting installation and equipment sourcing, a High Definition broadcast flypack including two Sony PMW-EX3 cameras, a complete on-site video editing system utilizing a Mac Pro tower running Final Cut Pro 7 and a three man team.

Initially the lighting design was provided by others but upon arrival we realized that the original design wouldn’t work and JMI agreed. Our team stayed up until 4 a.m. the night before the event, re-designed the lighting, sourced new lights, including getting a rental house opened up after 10 pm and installed everything in order to be ready for the shoot at 8 a.m.

Using our video editing suite we produced 8-10 minute marketing videos during the event and posted them on the internet. JMI sent these videos out to prospects who decided not to attend in person to encourage them to sign up for the next event. In total, we produced 5 videos.

The entire event was recorded in full 1080P HD. We will edit this footage at a later date to promote a new product they’re planning around the launch of the new ABC TV show, The Secret Millionaire, in the spring of 2011, in which James Malinchak is featured.