Film your event today, watch it on the web tonight. The post-production that used to take weeks or months now takes minutes.

With LiveEdit!™ you get quality video production and professional editing in realtime, and the completed project is ready to be uploaded to your online content library the same day.

There’s a big difference between a video captured by “a camera in the back of the room” and a video that took months to produce and looks like a Hollywood film.

For many organizations, neither is the ideal solution. One’s too expensive and the other is unprofessional and boring. Our clients wanted an alternative.

By combining existing workflows and cutting edge technology, we created this new service and we think it’s the ideal solution for producing high quality web content, fast.

Introducing LiveEdit!™ a revolution in live event production.

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  • LiveEdit!™ creates quality, edited footage that’s web-ready as soon as the cameras are turned off
  • Professional, television style production
  • Live switching between multiple video sources
  • Picture-in-picture capability
  • Audience interaction
  • Real-time integration (digital capture) of all presentation materials
  • Pre-recorded video commercials and graphics can be inserted
  • Professional animations and transitions (all the effects you see on television)
  • Recorded files ready to upload to the internet and/or delivered to you at the conclusion of your event


  • Our In-House HD Flypack (Live Content Production System)
  • Sony & Canon HD Broadcast Cameras