Live Event Streaming

As a Web-Ready Production™ Company our extensive streaming experience along with our portable, guerilla-style, multi-camera HD streaming production system allows us to produce television quality HD productions that are as beautiful and engaging as they are reliable and accessible, and we can broadcast from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

We understand that you need your live event streaming to look as good as TV programming, playback smoothly (no stuttering or buffering) and your viewers need to be able to watch from their chosen mobile device as easily as they watch from their computer. We have the tools and experience to deliver just that.

When you hire us, you get turn-key, end-to-end solutions that take all the worry and hassle out of streaming. Whether you need a basic stream anyone can watch, secure delivery to a limited audience, single or multiple cameras, integration of Power Point slides, a secure Pay-Per-View access system, pre-recorded media insertions or social integrations like chat, Twitter and Facebook…we deliver.

And the ROI from live event streaming is significant. Reduced travel cost, pay-per-view revenue and/or real-time distribution of your event content can easily offset the entire cost of streaming production. And pay-per-view via live streaming is quickly becoming a main revenue source of today’s modern events.

And if you’re already hiring us for video production, live streaming is a seamless add-on, requiring minimal additional equipment and manpower while delivering exceptional added value.


  • Single or multi-camera production, delivered in full HD*
  • Professional television style production quality
  • Live switching between video sources
  • Picture-in-picture capability
  • Audience interaction
  • Social Integrations (Facbook, Chat, Twitter)
  • Real-time digital Power Point presentation integration
  • Pre-recorded video commercials and graphics
  • Professional animations and transitions (all the effects you see on TV)


  • Our In-House Flypack (Live Switching Production System)
  • Our In-House Live Streaming Production System
  • Sony & Canon HD Broadcast Cameras


*Subject to adequate internet connection. Minimum sustained upload speed to deliver in full HD is 3 MBPS.