What is a Web-Ready Production™ Company?

When a main reason for filming your event is to put the content online, why pay for production, then pay again and wait for post production? Why be forced to record your event using a high quality video codec that’s not web compatible then wait and pay extra to have your footage “converted” to a web-ready format?

The way its always been done (the previously described multi step process) is no longer necessary. A Web-Ready Production™ Company is the answer.

Live Event Video Productions is a Web-Ready Production™ Company that specializes in real-time web video production. Between having produced literally thousands of web videos, and streamed thousands of hours of live streaming programming, we understand, like few other production companies, how to create and encode video for the web that looks as good as it plays. No stuttering, no buffering. No waiting for post production, no converting from one format to a web-ready format.

“Film your event today, watch it on the web tonight. Quality production and professional editing in real- time, uploaded to your online content library the same day. What used to take weeks or months now happens in real-time.”


If you want your event filmed, edited & web-ready in real-time
If you’re tired of the long process of production & post production
If you want your live stream to play beautifully
If you don’t want to pay extra for post production

You want Live Event Video Productions

A Web-Ready Production™ Company